Deals on Fresh Meat & Produce

Not only does El Picador Foods have a great selection of fresh meat, but our variety of fruits and vegetables is staggering too. We use this high-quality produce to make other items right here in San Diego, California. Try our homemade guacamole or salsa for a real treat. Along with cooking, our in-house team is even able to handle check cashing and money orders!

Fresh Meat & Produce

From cutting to prep work, we handle the meat every step of the way to ensure quality for customers. We have all kinds of meat available, including beef, pork, and poultry. For those looking for specialty items, we carry our own marinade and salsas to use in cooking. Our most popular meat is the marinated carne asada and marinated chicken. There are all sorts of fruits, vegetables, and spices in our inventory as well, with new produce arriving as frequently as the meat: six days a week. Fruits and vegetables are often in high demand, and we strive to keep all kinds of items available to our customers. Be sure to check for specials every week on both meats and produce.